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Retirement wishes for coworker #2

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Retirement wishes for coworker #2



Dear John, your constant willingness to help, enthusiasm and motivating energy made you one of my closest colleagues and one wonderful friend who I will happily remember! You are one wonderful thing which happened in my career and my precious source to learn from. You will be missed but I wish you from depth of my heart long and enjoyable retirement!

Dear John, I hope you will enjoy in every minute of your retirement! You have been an inspiring coworker, coach and above everything friend from who everybody learned a lot! When I remember of you I see one wonderful person willing to help in every moment, ready to share knowledge and fantastic motivator who helped me overcome many problems. I wish you long and happy retirement and many wonderful moments!

Dear John, I hope you will get around in that new chapter of life as you used to get around on work. You were a perfect example how one great employee, colleague and friend should act. In both times I’m sad and happy. I’m sad because you are leaving us – one huge motivating potential is leaving us. In the other hand, I adored spending time with you out of work and I hope from now on I will have you much more relaxed with a lot less obligations. Wish you happy retirement!

Dear John, I want to thank you for everything that you did for me. I will miss your sincere and thoughtful comments, inspiring conversations and fantastic ability to make me smile even in dark situations! You have been a hell out of colleague! I wish you all the best in your retirement!

Dear Marry, thank you for every single moment spent with us in “Company”. Without you we would not be what we are today. We appreciate all the passion and energy you devoted for “Company” and made our community wonderful place to work. Wish you a long and fun-filled retirement which you truly deserved!

I have to be honest with you John. I feel really privileged to work with such a professional, enthusiastic and honorable man like you are! You have been an inspiration for many of us, wonderful coach and a coworker who could I only wish for! I will miss you at work – everybody will miss you at work! I wish you happiness, health and a lot of wonderful moment in your retirement!

Dear John, I can at least say that I am grateful for everything that you did for me and a “Company” as whole. You should be proud of what you did for “Company” and what a huge positive impact your work had on it! I will definitely miss your bright ideas, encouragement and humor you shared every day . Thank you once again for making “Company” better environment for us and new generations to come. Wish you a long and happy retirement with a lot of deserved relaxation!


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Retirement wishes for coworker #2        

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