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Retirement wishes for teachers collection #1



Thank you for everything you did for us! Thank you for your endless patience, motivation and persistence which helped us become better people! We wish you pleasant days in your retirement! Happy retirement!

We are sorry that person with so noble spirit must leave this school! You were an amazing motivator, teacher, enthusiastic and showed incredible character that adorns the very best among us. Thank you for everything, we will miss you! Happy retirement!

You were an amazing experience for many generations! With your dedication and conscientiousness you obligated many students, helping them to go on the right track when they needed it the most . We will all remember your positivism and energy with which we are saying good by to your retirement. May the coming days be filled with joy and fun! Happy retirement!

We can freely say that you’re the best thing that could happen to your students! You were amazing in everything you do. You have unselfishly passed your knowledge on the future generations, taught them proper values ​​and directed them to the right way. Be proud of what you are and enjoy in your retirement! Happy retirement!

We can not express our regret that such a teacher is retiring. You have been support for many young minds, the basis of many successful people and amazing educator with who we are all proud of. We would like that these more than deserved retirement days be filled with joy and laughter and with pride for everything that you did! Happy retirement!

Be assured that in each one of us there is at least one small corner of heart left for an amazing person like you! We will be happy to remember everything you taught us! We are proud to have the opportunity to learn from the best and surely most respected person! We sincerely wish you a wonderful days in upcoming retirement! Happy retirement!

Thank you for believing in us even when we were not giving too many reasons for that! Thank you for your incredible commitment to make us better people! Thank you for the incredible motivation that you have provided to all of us! Thank you for what we are today! We will miss you! Best wishes for retirement!

Thank you for your hard work that you have done in present, changing and making future much more beautiful! You were a great teacher, friend and person that everyone could rely on! You were an amazing contribution to many generations and learned many people the correct values​​! We thank you for everything you have done for us! Enjoy in all days of well-deserved retirement!

Someone said that a good teacher can be compared with a candle – consumes itself to light the way to others. If we use this comparison you would be described as an amazing candle light with unbelievable power. You lightened up the way for many generations, have made them better people and done all of that with incredible joy! You were a teacher who every student would wish! We wish you incredible days in retirement and deserved enjoyment with the many wonderful moments! Happy retirement!


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Retirement wishes for teachers collection #1        

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