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Retirement wishes for friend #1

Retirement wishes header wishes

Retirement wishes for friend #1



I know it will be hard to give up your work habits, solving business problems and occasional nervousness that has been your everyday life. But I also know that you will easily adjust to the new regime which will, I believe, be much more enjoyable than working life! Happy retirement!

Congratulations on moving into a new cycle of life, in a peaceful environment where you will finally be able to devote all your attention and energy to the one you care about! I wish you days filled with happiness and health and too much well deserved enjoyment! Happy retirement!

I wish you all the best in your new part of life. I wish you good health, happiness and this period of life adorned with beautiful days and enjoyment in everything that you do. Congratulations on your well deserved retirement!

I wish you all the best in retirement. Let this moment mark the beginning of a new life and new adventures. I wish you lots of smiles and immensely beautiful moments with the ones you love. Enjoy these days that lie ahead! Happy retirement!

Be proud of what you have achieved in your career, as well as the people around you are proud of that. Try to remember all the things you wanted to do and you were prevented by job and attempt to achieve as far as you can from all of that. I want you to enjoy every day, hour and minute of your well deserved vacation! Happy retirement!

Dear __________, a new chapter of your life is just starting. Let this chapter be filled with delight and joy followed by good health and happiness. I wish you all the best in the days ahead you! Happy retirement!

If anyone deserves to spend his life in peace and prosperity, then it’s definitely you! So I wish you exactly that, a lot beautiful moments, rest and enjoyment that you deserved by giving an example to young people how a successful employee should look like! Happy retirement!

I want you to keep the same energy in fulfilling tasks, but only this time only the tasks you choose and that only you want to perform. The time has come to make up all of your sleepless hours, unequaled life goals and the time with your loved ones. Continue to live with the same enthusiasm which adorned you during the work and you’ll have amazing retirement! Happy retirement!

Now you will finally have time for everything you want! I wish you from my heart much health and happiness, enjoyment and beautiful moments in the new chapter of your life! Stay up bright and positive and enjoy the days that are ahead of you! Happy retirement!


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Retirement wishes for friend #1        

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